Online Tutorial

Welcome to a New Concept in Education!

This is an open-entry/open-exit Tutorial to teach you how to 'Think Outside of the Box.'

Generally speaking, people learn new tasks in one of four ways.

  • They learn from reading a text.
  • They learn from reading a manual.
  • Or they watch a master at work.
  • Or they read anecdotal clips and apply the lessons learned.

This software offers all four -- at the same time.

This software offers a dozen "creative avenues," (the manual), ten U SOLVE IT! stories, (the 'master at work'), more than 100 anecdotes of people solving problems creatively and a text. Overall there is enough contact time for a six-credit college class, 15-contact hours per credit. There will also be encrypted midterms for each of the 6-credits and pop quizzes.